Praise and Prayer-Dec 11, 2017

Medical staff needed – We are grateful for the work of one of our missionary families who traveled to the Republic of Congo to help Pioneer Christian Hospital and Radio Sango Kitoko, ministries of Global Outreach Mission. They were able to successfully set up a patient feeding program, do repairs at both the hospital and radio station, and monitor power conditions. We also sent 60 SonSet® radios. Pray as the primary missionary doctor is home for a year on furlough, that the Lord would provide the staff needed to keep things running smoothly.

Open doors – We have assisted our partner Reach Beyond Europe/Eurasia with expertise for ministries in over 20 countries in this region over the years. Pray for continued open doors for the gospel message.

Radio leads to churches – We assisted Restore FM, a radio ministry of High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries in Rwanda, with equipment. One of the country’s first evangelical radio stations, Restore FM 98.0 began by encouraging listeners with biblical truth through music and message. As listeners responded, the Rwandan-born pastor who started the station visited each community and wherever possible began and built a community church. Today he has planted 80 churches in Rwanda. Pray for continued church growth as a result of the broadcasts.

Youth for Christ – Our work in Samoa began with a partnership with Youth for Christ Ministries in 1997. SonSet Solutions was involved in installing the original equipment for Laufou Christian Radio. Youth for Christ’s team conducts rallies, high school ministry, street evangelism, radio programs, sports, prison, youth guidance, and village Bible studies.  They also conduct leadership training, mentoring and discipleship and ministry for young couples, young women and singles. Pray for laborers for this fertile ministry.

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