Praise and Prayer-Dec 4, 2017

Electrical power issues – We are working with Crown FM in Nigeria and recently shipped an antenna for their new station. Pray for the wisdom and discernment they need to overcome the electrical power issues keeping them from going on the air.

New radio station – We did some FM coverage plots for Diospi Suyana for four locations in Peru. Diospi Suyana, which means “We trust in God” in Quechua, was founded as a medical ministry by Drs. Klaus-Dieter and Tina John from Germany in 2002. The hospital has been in operation since October 2007. Pray for clarity as they consider the best location for an accompanying radio station.

New FM signal – Radio Logos is in the process of adding an FM signal to its shortwave broadcast operation in Peru. The FM station will broadcast in the Spanish and San Martin Quechua languages. The shortwave signal is focused on groups in the outlying areas. Radio Logos is in the process of purchasing land on which they can erect an FM tower. The FM transmitter which originated here at SonSet Solutions and was paid for by Reach Beyond, arrived in country recently. Pray for God’s blessing as a group of trained local believers operate the new station.

Recent Board Meeting – We praise the Lord for a productive and encouraging Board of Directors meeting that took place last weekend. Pray that each board member will be used greatly of God in their service to this ministry. Pray too for new member Gary Habegger, as he transitions onto the board.