Praise and Prayer-Feb 12, 2018

Strengthening our partners’ technical abilities – Instead of traveling to locations around the world, our engineers are often able to assist ministry partners by phone, email, Skype and text helping them with troubleshooting, repair and installation of equipment. This saves time and resources and allows our partners to not only improve in their technical abilities but take ownership in the care of their equipment. Pray that we can continue to enable and strengthen our partners in this way.

Expanding their reach – Our partner My Refuge Christian Radio was started in 1994 and became the first Christian radio station in Belize. Today they operate stations in two different cities. In 2009 they were invited by Plus TV, a Christian Cable Television Broadcast, to bring one of their radio shows to television. This allows them to reach five of the six districts in the country. Pray that God will continue to open doors for the light of Christ to shine on the people of Belize.

Network of radio stations – We recently assisted Radio Del Campo Boliviano with broadcasting equipment. Radio del Campo Boliviano is setting up a network of radio stations throughout Bolivia.  They are a grass roots group working as Christian community radio reaching people groups especially in the country. Pray for God’s continued provision of the volunteers who make operation of the station possible.