Praise and Prayer-Feb 15, 2019

Transmitter Repair for Ministry in Belize – Please pray for wisdom as a SonSet Solutions technician troubleshoots and repairs a broken transmitter from a partner radio station in Belize.

Advanced Training to be Rescheduled – A technician from Uganda, who was to arrive at SonSet Solutions this week for advance training, was unable to leave the country. Please pray for wisdom as our leadership makes arrangements for the future training of this technician in Uganda.

SonSet® Radio Improvements – To date, over 62,000 solar-powered SonSet radio receivers have been delivered to our broadcast ministry partners in an effort to help them expand their reach and deepen their impact. The newest feature of this ministry tool will be a built-in audio player that can play the Bible or other pre-stored Christian content. Pray for wisdom as we work to refine this tool so that its multiple features are easy to access and use.