Praise and Prayer-July 10, 2017

A very needy area – We sent a preliminary equipment list for establishing a radio station for Kparblee Baptist Church in Kparblee, Tappita District in Liberia. The impact of a radio station in this area could be enormous, with an estimated population in the coverage area of 300,000+. The vision for the station is to be part of an outreach through the church, using communication, a medical clinic and more to represent Christ among a people often greatly discouraged, who doubt God’s goodness, and find little in which to hope. Please pray for the funds needed to proceed.

Transforming the culture – Our partner VOX TransMedia was set up to transform youth in Liberia, giving them the information, skills and support to develop worthwhile lives while at the same time transforming the Liberian Media landscape with godly principles. Pray for God’s provision for this new organization and their desire to make a difference in the culture.

Disciples being raised – We began working with Radio Feon’ Janahary (Radio RFJ) in conjunction with Reach Beyond Sub-Saharan Africa and Radio Africa Network in 2013. They went on the air November 19, 2016. They have a coverage area of about 120 km with a population of around 100,000 in the broadcast area. They write, “The Kingdom of God will now expand in a broad way throughout the region, many disciples being raised, workers called, trained, and sent into other regions.” Pray for many to be discipled for the Lord’s service.

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