Praise and Prayer-July 17, 2017

TWR Africa – We provide technical support for ministries serving in regions all over the world. One of those partners is TWR Africa. TWR Africa engages millions in more than 40 countries in Africa via 60 languages and dialects. Pray for millions more to be reached.

Reaching the lost in West Africa – A local church helped us process 320 SonSet® radios for a ministry in West Africa that Radio Africa Network is assisting. Radio Africa Network is responding to a request to implement a rural FM radio in an area of more 10,000 inhabitants without a Christian FM radio station. The Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of the region is requesting this to reinforce six Evangelical Baptist Churches in an animist/Islamic region. Pray for God to use these radios to reach souls that are lost.

Life-changing friendships – We corresponded with Equip Mozambique regarding a new radio plant in the country of Mozambique. Equip Mozambique is an organization that exists in order to educate, disciple, and equip Mozambicans by connecting them with Americans. Their mission is to connect and equip Mozambicans and Americans in mutually beneficial and life-changing friendships. High on the list is working with the local people to develop a Christian radio station. Pray for eternal fruit as a result of these relationships.

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