Praise and Prayer-Mar 1, 2019

SonSet Solutions Leadership to Meet – The SonSet Solutions board of directors and advisory council meets this weekend. Thank the Lord for this dedicated group of people. Ask God to fill them with discernment and zeal for the opportunities that have been entrusted to this organization.

Spring Break Opportunities for Service -Two consecutive weeks of our Spring Break at SonSet Solutions will launch on Sunday, March 3. This is an opportunity for students to discover how their knowledge and abilities can be used in ministry. Ask God to move in the hearts of students and staff.

Missionary Staffing Challenges – One of the joys and responsibilities of our missionary staff is to periodically visit supporters across the country to report on their ministry and in some cases raise additional support. When they go, they leave key positions empty. Pray for wisdom for our department managers as they shift workers around to be able to meet our partners’ needs with fewer staff.