Praise and Prayer-Mar 15, 2019

Illness Affecting Staff – Several of our staff members have suffered from colds and flu in recent weeks. Please pray that our team will be back to full force soon and the ministry will continue unhindered.

Spring Break Ministry – We have just hosted two consecutive weeks of our Spring Break at SonSet Solutions in which eight students and one faculty member joined us from two universities. We thank the Lord for young people who are interested in applying their education and abilities to the growth of God’s kingdom. Pray with us that God might call out from this group future full-time workers for SonSet Solutions.

Two-fold Ministry in Congo – One of our young families is on their way to the Republic of Congo for three months. The wife, a nutritionist, will continue to develop the feeding program for patients at Pioneer Christian Hospital; and the husband, an engineer, will perform field tests on some of the ministry tools we have developed at SonSet Solutions. Please pray for safety, health, and for effective ministry.