Praise and Prayer-Oct 12, 2018

Installation of Water Monitoring Tools in Haiti – Please pray for our coworker who will be in Haiti this week installing SonSetLink water monitoring tools. These tools will enable our partner to keep close tabs on the performance of clean water systems that the local community depends on. As trust with the community increases, so do the opportunities for sharing the gospel.

Radio Equipment in Customs – A radio transmitter sent to a ministry partner in Tanzania is being held up in customs. Additional documentation has been requested by authorities.  It is hoped that this transmitter will begin broadcasts by the end of this week. Ask for the Lord’s intervention.

Difficulties in Shortwave Installation in Papua New Guinea – Technical difficulties have arisen as coworkers are helping our partner in Papua New Guinea with the installation of a new shortwave antenna design.  Pray that the difficulties can be resolved quickly so that our partner can resume nationwide Christian broadcasts.