Praise and Prayer-Oct 17, 2017

“God’s Vision” – Our partnership with Theovision International based in Ghana began in 2008 to help the ministry put community radio stations on the air and serve in community development throughout Africa. Theovision, “God’s Vision,” comprises God-fearing people with professional skills in sound engineering, radio, television, training, audio/visual production, and healthcare services who use modern technology to promote the gospel. Pray that God would continue to raise up and equip laborers for this effective ministry.

LifePumps – One of our engineers recently traveled to Haiti to assist Design Outreach with a water pump project and distributed 15 Audio Bibles as a gift from SonSet Solutions. Design Outreach came up with the innovative LifePump, which is capable of bringing up water from deep underground reservoirs in parched lands such as those in Central Africa. Pray for wisdom for our engineers who are working to develop a monitoring system for the pumps.

Outreach in Haiti – From the beginning, the mission of New Generation Ministries has been “to come alongside the people of Haiti to help them help themselves attain a sustainable life in Christ, with a real hope for the future.” In this endeavor, SonSet Solutions supplied equipment turning their small radio station into a full studio. Our fixed-tuned SonSet® radios were also shipped allowing locals to tune in to the broadcasts. Pray for founders Mike and Chris Leland that God would continue to direct them in this outreach to the people of Haiti.