Praise and Prayer-Oct 26, 2018

Clean Water and the Gospel – Thank the Lord for a successful time in Haiti for a member of our Community Development team. He assisted a ministry that has 1,700 water pumps in the southern part of the country. Each day as local crowds gathered to observe the work, God’s word was preached and gospel tracts were distributed. Pray that living water will one day flow from the hearts of these Haitians.

Radio Impacting the “Land of the Midnight Sun” – Radio can span vast regions with God’s word and reach into remote places. Praise God that listeners from all over Alaska are hearing and contacting our radio broadcast partner, Voice of Christ Ministries. In recent years, we have provided technical support for this radio ministry and have sent 482 SonSet® radios to the “Land of the Midnight Sun.”

Delay in Resumption of Shortwave Broadcasts in Papua New Guinea – As our coworkers worked to resume the nationwide shortwave broadcasts of Wantok Radio Light in Papua New Guinea, it was discovered that the transmitter needed to come back to SonSet Solutions for repair. While this is disappointing, it will allow the transmitter to receive a complete overhaul, which should extend its lifespan. Pray for a quick turnaround and resumption of broadcasts.