Praise and Prayer-Sep 25, 2017

Hope for expansion – We heard an encouraging report from a partner in a country we cannot disclose. Despite the hostility believers in Jesus face, the station is even looking to expand. Pray for God’s protection over the station and for believers who face opposition because of their faith.

SonSet Solutions Canada – SonSet Solutions Canada is being set up as a separate ministry in Canada. This will allow us to work together on projects of mutual interest and facilitate the sharing of personnel. Pray for the logistical hurdles that must still be overcome to help them in receiving charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Shifting communications landscape – With the mother station founded in 1992, today Radio Évangile Dѐveloppement (RED) counts eight stations in Burkina Faso. Tens of thousands of people hear the gospel in their own language. We recently sent a team to investigate mobile media solutions for the leaders of RED as they seek to reach the younger generation. Pray for wisdom as we help them lay the groundwork in utilizing new technology.

Outreach in Cambodia – Earlier this year, we assisted a ministry with a project in Cambodia. Since its founding in 1995, God has enabled them to plant 36 churches, build a women’s center, a trade school, an orphanage, a feeding center, a day care center, medical mobile clinics, and more.  Pray that God’s love will permeate every outreach and every soul that these believers minister to.