Praise and Prayer-April 11, 2017

Reaching the local Spanish population – SonSet Solutions maintains two Spanish repeater stations that are picked up in the Goshen and Elkhart, Indiana areas from our partner Inspiracom. Inspiracom operates stations on the U.S. side of the U.S./Mexican border and broadcasts gospel programming into Mexico. Pray for the Spirit of God to use these programs to reach the Spanish population in Mexico as well as here in the Goshen/Elkhart area.

Local business impacts the world –  IREC (International Radio & Electronics Corporation) was founded by Clarence Moore in 1947 with the intent of providing extremely reliable, high-quality electronic equipment to missionary groups operating in sometimes inhospitable environments. Crown Broadcast, a division of IREC, markets a line of FM transmitters that we designed as well as other equipment. Occasionally we provide antennas for some of their customers. Pray for God’s blessing on their business.

Funds for family for the Congo – Two of our staff members are raising support to be able to go to Pioneer Christian Hospital and help implement a feeding program. Please pray for the logistics that need to be worked out and for the funding needed for their family to go to the Congo. They have two young children they will be bringing with them.

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