Praise & Prayer – August 1, 2016

Partner in Ghana – Theovision (God’s Vision) International is comprised of God-fearing people with professional skills in sound engineering, radio, television, training, audio/visual production, and healthcare services who use modern technology to promote the gospel. Pray for effectiveness as they reach the nations of Africa in their own heart-language.

Partner in Guam – TWR has been broadcasting from its shortwave station since the 1970s. Presently, broadcasts are aired more than 10 hours per day across Asia covering approximately 18 languages and dialects. This is an expensive operation. Pray for God’s continued provision so the broadcasts will continue unhindered.

Partner in Guinea-Bissau – Servants to Missions serves the far eastern region of Gabu which is comprised of Islamic tribes which have historically been highly resistant to the gospel. Tribal elders are recognizing that Islam is not working for their people and are asking them to come to their villages to evangelize and educate their children. Praise God for this open door to the gospel!

Equipment for Haiti – Pray for God’s blessing as our staff prepares digital server equipment for shipment to Haiti. This will streamline radio broadcast production for Radio Lumiere which covers two-thirds of the country with gospel programming.

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