Praise & Prayer – August 29, 2016

Building Relationships – Zoe Waters is passionate about spreading the gospel to unreached people groups and believes this can best be accomplished through building relationships. We are assisting Zoe Waters with remote water monitoring systems. Pray that the provision of the basic need of water will open the door to relationships that will lead to opportunities to share the gospel.

Lifeline in Liberia – Our work with ELWA in Liberia, a ministry of SIM, dates back to 1985. ELWA’s radio station has been a trusted voice and vital communications tool in Liberia for over 60 years. It was a lifeline during the Ebola outbreak in 2014 and 2015. Pray that this station will continue to impact and provide hope to this impoverished nation.

Equipment for Unreached People Group – We recently shipped radio equipment to a partner for broadcast in an undisclosed region of the world. Please pray that God will protect this equipment and that it will be the avenue through which these people are reached.

Reaching Maroantsetra – In cooperation with Reach Beyond, we worked on the shipment of a transmitter, antenna and studio equipment to ONG Mercy Ministries for a new radio station, Radio Feon’ Janahary, in Maroantsetra, Madagascar. Pray for successful installation of the equipment and for the people of Maroantsetra to hear the good news and respond in faith.

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