Praise & Prayer – Sept 28, 2016

Laborers needed – We are providing consultation for SIM missionaries at Diospi Suyana, a hospital in Curahuasi, Peru with the building of a radio station and media center. Pray for God’s provision of the skilled laborers they need to make these projects a reality.

Power line – Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru has some of the most rugged country on earth. The 40+ communities are scattered, with many only accessible by hiking or horseback. Bible teaching via FM radio reaches into these communities proclaiming God’s truth. Pray that they get a much-needed power line into the canyon to provide electricity so they do not have to depend on generators which are expensive to run.

Missionary staff – Radio Sangu ya Mbote is located in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo, and is a ministry of our partner Christian & Missionary Alliance. Earlier this year our missionaries replaced a 4-bay antenna that had been damaged. Pray for God to strengthen the missionary staff who operate the station.

Spiritual and physical food – This year, our staff assisted Pioneer Christian Hospital, a ministry of Global Outreach Mission, with the construction of a 300-foot tower and installation of an antenna and coax for Radio Sango Kitoko. Pray for God’s work in the hearts of new listeners who are hearing the broadcasts for the first time as well as our effort to get a reliable feeding program in place for hospital patients.

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