Prayer and Praise-Aug 21, 2020

Update on Monitors for Malawi – Praise God that the water monitors have been released from customs and are in the office of two of our ministry partners in Malawi. Clean, reliable water is transforming and builds credibility for the gospel to be shared.

Praise the Lord – Praise that our staff and spouses were able to prepare 240 additional SonSet® radios for shipment to Peru. In addition, we received word that we are now allowed to ship these along with 1,200 other previously prepared radios (for a total of 1,440 SonSet radios) to Peru for Radio Logos. Please pray for the hearts of those who will receive these radios.

Board Members – Due to term limits, our board of directors will lose two of its members this year and three next year. Please pray and ask God to send us people of his choosing who will have a heart for the ongoing fruitfulness of this ministry.