Prayer and Praise-Dec 13, 2019

Data Dashboard – We are building a new user interface which will connect SonSetLink users with their data in more interactive ways. One ministry in the Central African Republic needs to track the locations of their vehicles, so we are testing a solution which will be delivered in January. Our user interface will make tracking their vehicles easy for them. Pray for wisdom as our team continues development.

Protection from Hackers – Our IT Department will be evaluating computer system upgrades and ongoing changes in the data processing world. Pray that we will be protected from hackers and those who would disrupt the ministry of SonSet Solutions through the Internet. Pray that our users will be alert for scams and malware.

Water Mission – We completed an order for 125 SonSetLink units for Water Mission. These units will be installed around the world and represent a push by Water Mission to get SonSetLink units onto every project they have installed since January 2017. Water Mission now has over 500 SonSetLink units around the world. Pray for God’s continued blessing on this effort.