Prayer and Praise-Jan 31, 2020

Wantok Radio Light – Praise that a long-standing technical issue for Wantok Radio Light’s TB-1000 transmitter in Papua New Guinea (PNG) was identified this week. Please pray for our teammate as he works with the technical contact in PNG to troubleshoot this challenging technical issue so that this transmitter would soon be fixed so that it can be used to bring light to PNG.

Water Mission
– Praise that Water Mission, a ministry partner, increased their order of SonSetLinkTM units. Please pray as our team in Elkhart works to fulfill this order so that the pumps that are being installed would have the capability to be monitored from Elkhart. Please pray for the transformative way reliable clean water has meant for these isolated communities as well as being a huge inroad to sharing the gospel.

Summer 2020 Interns – We are grateful to the Lord for our first official SonSet Solutions’ summer 2020 intern! Please pray as he begins to raise his support as well as for other potential interns from other universities who are exploring if they are a good fit for our team this summer.