Prayer and Praise-July 10, 2020

TWR Kenya Update – We praise the Lord that the 4-bay antenna we sent to Kenya a week ago arrived at the Nairobi airport, was processed through customs quickly, and released to TWR last week. Please pray that they can install it at their station in southeast Kenya in order to restore coverage to that area and continue to share the good news.

SonSet® Radios to Uganda Update – Thank you for your prayers last week. Pray for the safe ocean passage of the 3,600 SonSet radios for Uganda. The container is scheduled to leave New York on July 15 and estimated to arrive by the end of August. Pray also for the arrangements being made to transport the radios from the warehouse to High Adventure in northern Uganda for distribution among the refugee camps there. These radios offer words of hope to so many refugees.

COVID-19 Reopening Plan – Elkhart county, where SonSet Solutions is located, has seen an uptick of COVID-19 cases and deaths. This delayed the reopening of our county while the rest of the state moved slightly ahead. This has not hampered our work as we can continue to serve as we have been. However, please pray for our team to remain healthy at this time.