Prayer and Praise-May 22, 2020

Across Nations – We are preparing a shipment of 200 SonSet® radios for Across Nations who covers the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico with Christian radio broadcasts. The Navajo Nation is currently experiencing a total lockdown. Several have tested positive for COVID-19, and roads are blocked to prevent travel in and out of the community. The radios will bring the gospel into the remotest parts of their land where electricity is a luxury. Please pray for the radios as they are distributed and for the Lord to prepare the hearts for those who will receive one.

Summer 2020 Interns – Some of our summer interns have already joined us, working remotely from home. Please pray for these three students as they are scheduled to arrive from Ohio, Washington and California at the end of May. Our program begins June 1. Join us in prayer as we invest in them and as they spend their summer with us. We pray for the Lord to use them mightily during this time.

Board meetings – Please pray for our coworkers who are preparing for a board meeting on June 6. We pray for continued wisdom for our SonSet Solutions board of directors as they meet and for this time to be productive and encouraging.