Prayer and Praise-Nov 15, 2019

SonSet® Radios – We praise the Lord for the privilege of preparing two large shipments of SonSet radios with the help of many volunteers. One shipment will be for isolated tribespeople in the Peruvian Amazon. The other will be for members of 61 South Sudanese tribal groups seeking refuge in Northern Uganda. A work team from McCoy Memorial Baptist Church will be here this upcoming week to process 1,000 of these radios.

Board Meeting – We pray for the December SonSet Solutions board meeting being held on December 7th. Pray that our leaders will know and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit. Our faithful board members have personally pledged to match up to $40,000 of gifts that are received for the overall ministry in November.

Crown FM (Nigeria) – Despite difficulties such as interference from other stations and lightning damage, God has used the broadcasts from two locations of Crown FM in Nigeria. We praise the Lord for over 100 people who have come to faith in Christ at their newest location in the past year. Please pray for the growth of these new believers as well as for the many others who come to know Christ as a result of our many partner ministries.