Prayer and Praise-Nov 29, 2019

SonSet® Radios Update – We praise the Lord for the privilege of preparing two large shipments of SonSet radios with the help of many volunteers. The first shipment, for isolated tribespeople in the Peruvian Amazon, has been prepared and is now ready for shipping. Work teams are scheduled to complete the second shipment for members of 61 South Sudanese tribal groups seeking refuge in Northern Uganda. Pray for the preparation and shipment, and for those who will hear God’s word as a result.

Praise! – A shipment of SonSet® radios has arrived safely in Liberia for our partner ministry, Eternal Love Winning Africa (ELWA). Pray for those who will receive the Good News in Liberia.

Unrest – Pray for the Lord’s miraculous intervention in the midst of extreme unrest taking place in Haiti and Colombia. Pray especially for the protection of innocent people and believers striving to share the message of the gospel.