Prayer and Praise-Oct 11, 2019

Just in Time – We thank the Lord for enabling troubleshooters here in Elkhart who were able to discover why a Christian broadcaster in the Peruvian Amazon was off the air. The station was able to correct the issue, and they were able to resume operations just in time for a planned distribution of our solar-powered SonSet® radios in a remote community.

Visas Granted – Praise the Lord for all the prayer warriors out there! God answered favorably for one of our missionary families as they were granted the renewal of their visas in order to remain in the United States to serve for another term.

Delivering God’s Word 2019 – Praise that we have 13 churches who have joined us to help meet our 2019 goal: to deliver 12,000 of our solar-powered SonSet® radios! While the focus groups are refugees in Africa, First Nations people in North America, communities living in the African Sahel, and isolated people groups in South America, we always consider others outside these focus groups. Please pray for the impact these radio receivers will have on the lives of those who hear God’s word.