Prayer and Praise-Oct 18, 2019

Unrest – Praise for resolution to the unrest situation in Ecuador during this past week. Dialog between the government and the indigenous groups have come to some agreement and schools have resumed. While life is starting back toward normal in Ecuador, the current political crisis and unrest in Haiti continues. Please pray for Haiti as this has been going on for more than a month.

Summer 2020 Internships – We have talked with and gathered contact information from 160 students so far this fall, and have already received five internship applications for next summer. Pray for God’s guidance for students and that through this God will bring more workers into the harvest field.

Transmitter Repair
– Our partner, Streams of Power Church and Praise FM, located in St. Vincent, sent us two transmitters for repair. Please pray they will be repaired and returned quickly so they can continue ministering and broadcasting the gospel to their people.