Prayer and Praise-Oct 30, 2020

Evangelical Community Church in Africa (CECA20) – The Bunia radio station, the oldest in this group, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. A CECA20 staff member was scheduled to speak live at the anniversary celebration, but instead his talks were recorded and broadcast at the end of October to all their stations. Pray that they have impact, first on all their radio station workers, and then on their listeners.

Radio Renaissance – We recently heard from Radio Renaissance in Guinea. The country has been experiencing a lot of political unrest in the last week or so due to a recent presidential election being contested. Pray for peace in Guinea and safety for the radio station and staff. Pray too for effective ministry during this troubled time.

November Match – Please pray for our year-end campaign launched on November 1. Our board members are encouraging early giving by matching the first $45,000 given. Please pray that many people will respond to this offer.