Prayer and Praise-Oct 4, 2019

Visas Needed – Please pray for one of our missionary families; they seek to renew their visas on Monday, October 7, in order to remain in the United States to serve for another term.

New Friends – Praise the Lord for two successful events recently: a benefit concert where proceeds purchased SonSet® radios, as well as a successful dessert night meeting at a local church in St. Joseph, Michigan. We made a number of new friends for our ministry and enjoyed our time as we shared stories of how the Lord is using technology to advance the gospel worldwide.

Transmitter for Dukana – A transmitter is being sent October 14 to our partner in Dukana, Kenya. Please pray that this transmitter will get into the country without mishap and without heavy duty. Dukana, which literally means “darkness”, is a Gabbra town, where there has been only one known Christ-follower thirty years ago. But because of this radio station, the nomadic Gabbra people have responded like they have never before. Please pray that this transmitter will allow our partner to reach even deeper into this area.