Prayer and Praise-Sept 20, 2019

Burundi Repair Parts – Praise that the repair parts that were shipped to Burundi arrived ahead of their scheduled delivery date! Despite physical obstacles due to the mountaintop location, the transmitter and STL (Studio Transmitter Link) were connected and are now broadcasting. Please pray that the Lord will continue to use this transmitter mightily for spreading the gospel through Radio Voice of Hope.

Shortwave Transmitters – Two 1,000-watt shortwave transmitters are headed to South America this week to reach remote communities in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Brazil. This type of transmitter is often used to broadcast to an entire country. Please pray that the radio producers will speak God’s truth clearly when they broadcast.

Workers for the Harvest – Please join us in praying earnestly for kingdom workers we need: Lead Bookkeeper/Accountant, Software Developer, Electrical Development Engineer, PR specialist, Machinist/Toolmaker, Donor Development Assistant, Digital Media Specialist, Story Teller, Events Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Human Resources Assistant, and College Liaison.