Prayer and Praise-Sept 27, 2019

Friendraising Events – We have two events this week that will allow us to share how SonSet Solutions uses technology to advance the gospel. Please pray that these events will go smoothly and that God will prepare the hearts of those attending.

College Fairs – Pray for our staff, and the students they encounter, as they travel to various colleges and universities. We are entering the season of college career fairs, where we represent SonSet Solutions and encourage students to join us for a spring break opportunity and/or a summer internship. Please pray that God will prepare and move the hearts of those students interested in serving with us.

Transmitters Are Arriving – The first transmitters for Radio Evangile Développement (R.E.D.) are here in Elkhart. These will be used to upgrade the current transmitters in Burkina Faso and extend the reach of R.E.D. Pray that the remaining units will arrive soon so that we can prepare them in time to be shipped with a large container that is being prepared at the offices of Francophone Ministries for Christ (Port Huron, Michigan) as well as for those in Burkina Faso who will hear the gospel as a result.