Prayer and Praise-Sept 4, 2020

SonSet® Radios for Benin – An in-house work team was able to process 200 SonSet radios for Benin this week. Please pray as we make plans to ship these as well as for the hearts of those who will receive these radios as they hear the good news of salvation.

Delivering God’s Word – SonSet radios are helping ministries all over the world deepen their impact as they give people access to the gospel through local Christian radio. We praise the Lord for a church in New York that was able to raise funds (much higher than they anticipated) for radios. Praise the Lord with us and for more churches and organizations to join us in the Delivering God’s Word Campaign for 2020.

Water Monitor Development – Pray for wisdom for our Community Development Team as they continue the development of monitors for Afridev and India Mark II pumps. Development (of both types) is moving ahead quickly, and we are excited to see some these units deployed soon.