Project Highlights

Radio to Reach Nigerians

Young men

Seven million – that is how many people our partner in Nigeria hopes to reach by radio in an area a little larger than the state of Virginia.

In this multi-lingual, multi-cultural region in the northern part of the country, nationals are predominantly Muslim and African Traditional Religious worshipers (Animists). Many are confused about who Jesus is and have heard a host of distorted messages about Him. “They have many questions regarding Jesus’ deity,” says Ezekiel, our national partner heading up the project. “The radio station aims at engaging our local people that dwell in towns and villages. It will be a voice that speaks to them directly,” adds Ezekiel. Broadcasts will air in at least twelve languages. Christian symposiums, drama, music, community development programs, and preaching the message of hope will round out the broadcasts.

In a country that has been in the news for attacks by Islamist militants, terrorist propaganda is “targeted at weakening the resolve of our brave troops, instilling fears into the minds of Nigerians,” says Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture. Radio is a powerful tool in reaching the lost and those who are fearful.

Bob Springer, an FEBC missionary on loan to SonSet Solutions, is the Broadcast Services Consultant for this project. “We are hoping to give them (our partner) a voice to speak to the community.” Please pray for this project which is in its infant stage. A studio and tower will need to be constructed, a license granted, and radio equipment provided before a voice of hope can be heard.

New Voice for Congo Station

We are eager to stack the 300 feet of steel, and add the antenna, coax, and other equipment to further the reach of gospel programming at Pioneer Christian Hospital (PCH) in Impfondo, Republic of Congo. Pioneer Christian is a 60-bed general mission hospital in the heart of the Congo River Basin rainforest. A combination of missionary volunteers and paid Congolese staff provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their goal is to offer healing for the whole person by providing physical, social, and spiritual treatment. Where does the radio station fit in with this treatment plan? Broadcasts are able to reach into villages and homes providing health education as well as heart education with gospel programming going out in the heart-language of the people.

In January 2014 we helped install a temporary radio station in anticipation of erecting a more permanent station later. In November of last year, the 40-foot container with tower sections and equipment was loaded onto a flatbed trailer and shipped to the East Coast. From there, it traveled by ship to the Congo. After months of delays in customs, the container was released and continued its journey by road and water to the other side of the country. By the end of the year, four of our teammates plan to travel to Impfondo, two to get the permanent station up and running, one to help with healthcare among the medical staff, and one to capture information, photos, and interviews. Please pray for God’s blessing on our team as well as the outreach of Pioneer Christian Hospital.


Satellite-based Water Monitor Assembly

Oct 2015 pic

Our team is diligently working to fulfill an order of 50 water monitors for our partner Water Missions International. This order is a result of two years of hard work designing and manufacturing satellite-based water monitors that will help our partners more efficiently spread the gospel. Earlier this year, a different style of satellite monitor was installed on a hand pump in Ethiopia with our partner Design Outreach. Another was sent to Kenya for installation on a solar powered clean-water system that will meet the needs of tens of thousands of people. Additional monitors were sent to Ecuador to replace outdated units. Monitors have already been sent to Water Missions International for installation in Nepal, Uganda, and Peru. Please pray that God would use these water monitors for His glory as we fulfill our calling to use technology to reach the world for Christ!

Experimental Solar Lamp Pole Goes Up


SonSet Solutions engineers have been involved with the design and production of solar lamp poles. This was the outgrowth of a challenge made a couple of years ago to engineering departments at five colleges. After evaluating the designs, our engineers took the best ideas and combined them with some of their own for production.

Solar lamp poles were not designed to simply provide light. They will also open opportunities to share the light of the gospel. Equipped with a charging station for cell phones, these units will also provide Wi-Fi capabilities for the transmission of video and audio content for smart devices. Hundreds of video and audio programs can be installed such as the Jesus film, Bibles, sermons, health care programs, and local public service announcements.


Equipment Power Protection Device Development

Equipment Power Protection Team 1

It all began back in 2007. That is the year four of our engineers came together to compile a list of needs for a power protection system that would guard against damaging lightning strikes, brownouts, and otherwise poor quality power grids. Our engineers were convinced that a reliable, affordable solution could be developed to protect expensive radio and healthcare equipment from the harsh realities of unstable power sources worldwide, saving our partners countless hours of lost ministry time and expensive repairs.

The project involves using a “Raspberry Pi”, a computer about the size of a credit card, to monitor the quality of the incoming electrical power and disconnect the power before damage occurs. John Wineman, engineer, describes the project as “a complex problem with limited resources.” Most of the work so far has been accomplished by student interns during spring break. The sporadic nature of this kind of project development, requires detailed documentation, relatively long learning curves, and occasional redesigns due to obsolescence. However, this summer we have put together a team of six who will be collaborating on the project, with the goal of creating a minimal working prototype. Often our projects are limited by the available resources. Sometimes those are financial limitations. Other times, we need capable technical people to offer their expertise and experience. If you are interested in being part of the ministry of SonSet Solutions, contact us about some of the ways you can be a part of providing technology-based solutions to advance the Gospel worldwide.