Prototype Testing

Sometimes you learn more when something breaks than when it works as planned. You plan, design, build and it looks like it’s working, but then it just quits for some unknown reason. That’s the nature of engineering. If that happens, you study it and figure out why it quit and then redesign it to make it better. And in the end, you end up with a better product than when you started.

That’s what happened to SonSet Solutions engineer Tom Scatliff on a trip to Pioneer Christian Hospital early in 2019.  He took a prototype piece of equipment with him so that we could do valuable field testing and collect data in real-life operating conditions.  A few days after he arrived and turned the prototype unit ON, it stopped working.  But since Tom was still there when it failed, he was able to analyze the problem and do some serious troubleshooting to figure out what the problem was. 

We praise God that in His providence, He allowed the prototype to fail while Tom was still on site.  We gained invaluable knowledge from this experience and will hopefully be able to incorporate lessons learned into a better product for our partner ministries as we work hand-in-hand to share the love of God to the whole world.