Radically Transformed and New Dreams!

Favor of God Studio

Carole Ward, the Director of Favor of God Ministries, and partner organization with SonSet Solutions, recently shared this story:

“During our prayer week, a thin, bedraggled man wearing a Muslim hat walked in the doors of the House of Prayer. He walked down to the front, got on his knees, and in the midst of our worship he prayed, with great sobs, to receive Jesus.

As Ahmed poured out his story, we learned that he was a South Sudanese Muslim involved in the occult. He had fought bloody battles as a Major in the army for almost 20 years and had come to Uganda looking for his parents. By the time he discovered both had died, he had exhausted all his resources. Hungry and empty-handed he walked north to Gulu, realizing for the first time that Muhammad could not help him and never had.

He was ready to end his life, when he heard praises coming from the House of Prayer. He walked in the door asking just for Jesus! We gave him a Bible and throughout the evening, as he read, he declared, ‘I’m called to preach, to win the Muslims to Jesus.’ What a transformation we witnessed, from suicidal and hopeless to being transformed by the love of God!”

Ahmed’s change can only be explained by God’s hand of intervention.

Favor of God Ministries’ staff began to dream of adding a radio station to their outreach so they could share the message of the love of Jesus to even more people. However, in order for a dream like that to become reality, a series of divine appointments needed to happen which led to the involvement of SonSet Solution engineers.

As word of this dream spread, God used all kinds of people to establish this new radio ministry. The people worshiping in the House of Prayer, the national and expat staff serving together, those who would become the radio voices to the community, the engineering staff of SonSet Solutions, and those whom God would touch to cover the financial needs, all came together for this one purpose. All had something of value to contribute in making this dream a reality.Favor Of God 1

The engineering team at SonSet Solutions evaluated the topography of the area, the kinds and numbers of people who would be within the coverage area, and the equipment needs. The engineers then purchased and shipped the required equipment, as well as organized training events for new program producers. The staff of Favor of God Ministries was responsible for providing the building space for the radio station as well as procuring a license to broadcast, from the governmental authorities.

During the process, our team inquired about the rationale for having a radio station. Among the responses came a key point for consideration. South Sudan had been at war for more than 50 years and a whole generation of people had not experienced peace. Peace is the message that Jesus brings. The experience of Ahmed and the radical change he experienced after hearing about Jesus is what is always so impactful. A verse from the Bible says, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 NASB

By Roger Reimer