Radio Logos Extends Reach in Northern Peru

Deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, a small radio transmitter and antenna are spreading the big message of redemption. Since 2012, Radio Logos has impacted the northern region of Peru by developing broadcast programs in 14 of the 19 indigenous languages and by training local missionaries and believers to produce the programming themselves.

The little radio station, nestled in the village of Chazuta along the Huallaga River, is the third station established by Ray Rising of Wycliffe Bible Translators with the assistance of SonSet Solutions. The first two stations are in Bolivia. Because many of Peru’s indigenous people remain illiterate, having the translated Scriptures passed along through spoken word is crucial.

Now more than ever, the local missionaries working with Radio Logos are eager to expand the station’s impact by distributing radio receivers to nearby people groups. Through recent fundraising efforts, SonSet Solutions is attempting to meet the high demand and recently shipped 540 SonSet® radios to the station. Developed by SonSet’s team of engineers to operate in areas with no access to electricity, these solar-powered devices are warmly welcomed by the people of the region.

According to SonSet Solutions President David Russell, numerous reports from Radio Logos listeners confirm that “… communities are being united as people turn to Christ. Believers living in isolated areas are being encouraged. And the Gospel is being delivered audibly to those who cannot read the Scriptures for themselves.” The tribespeople consider the voice coming over the radio to be authoritative and so they are more likely to trust the message being broadcast.

Peruvian missionaries Dany and Sara Parado work diligently to train tribespeople from the various language groups to operate the station. The people, some from tribes previously considered to be violent enemies, travel from their villages and stay at the station in Chazuta for extended periods to produce programming. Equipping the indigenous people with these tools to share the Word of God has proven highly effective in reaching listeners.

Plans are being made for a new regional shortwave station using SonSet’s low-power shortwave transmitter and radios in the southern Peruvian city of Pucallpa. This addition would allow God’s message of redemption to reach 14 more minority people groups, possibly including the Amahuaca tribe, into which Russell was born when his parents were missionaries to the region.

Written by Joy Noel Lightcap