Radio to Reach Nigerians

Young men

Seven million – that is how many people our partner in Nigeria hopes to reach by radio in an area a little larger than the state of Virginia.

In this multi-lingual, multi-cultural region in the northern part of the country, nationals are predominantly Muslim and African Traditional Religious worshipers (Animists). Many are confused about who Jesus is and have heard a host of distorted messages about Him. “They have many questions regarding Jesus’ deity,” says Ezekiel, our national partner heading up the project. “The radio station aims at engaging our local people that dwell in towns and villages. It will be a voice that speaks to them directly,” adds Ezekiel. Broadcasts will air in at least twelve languages. Christian symposiums, drama, music, community development programs, and preaching the message of hope will round out the broadcasts.

In a country that has been in the news for attacks by Islamist militants, terrorist propaganda is “targeted at weakening the resolve of our brave troops, instilling fears into the minds of Nigerians,” says Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture. Radio is a powerful tool in reaching the lost and those who are fearful.

Bob Springer, an FEBC missionary on loan to SonSet Solutions, is the Broadcast Services Consultant for this project. “We are hoping to give them (our partner) a voice to speak to the community.” Please pray for this project which is in its infant stage. A studio and tower will need to be constructed, a license granted, and radio equipment provided before a voice of hope can be heard.