Reaching Alaska

Alaska – the land of grizzly bears, salmon, northern lights, Eskimos, “Land of the Midnight Sun,” and solar-powered radios… Wait – solar-powered radios?? In Alaska??

In 2014, SonSet Solutions began providing solar-powered SonSet® radios for Christian radio station KYKD in remote western Alaska. KYKD is the most powerful FM signal on the mainland of western Alaska, broadcasting  into Bethel and about a dozen smaller outlying villages located on the vast Yukon and Kuskokwim River Deltas. The region is home to the Central Yup’ik people, known in general to most of the world as Eskimos.

Jesse, a station volunteer, travels throughout the KYKD listening area handing out KYKD stickers, gospel tracts, and radios. He writes, “God is moving out here, and it is neat to see.” Once, in the remote village of Atmautluak, Jesse stood in front of the only small general store in town and told people that they were from the gospel radio station. One person named Mary said that she listens once in a while when she rides in someone else’s vehicle, but she would listen more if she had a radio. She explained that the words felt like they were healing her soul. When Jesse gave her a radio, she beamed. She then called her sister over and said, “These guys have some great news!” Jesse gave her a radio also. Mary came back again an hour later requesting another radio, “My son-in-law and his wife have a newborn baby and they constantly fight. Maybe the good news on this radio station could change their lives.”

Palmer Bailey, station manager for KYKD shares:

There are people in this part of the world, though spread in sparsely populated villages, who need the hope of the gospel just as do the most remote villages of Mongolia or the most densely packed neighborhoods of Singapore, Calcutta, Moscow, or New York. Just as in those other places, God is working through faithful servants such as Jesse to bring hope to the hopeless, healing to the hurting, and eternal life to those who are dead in their sin. Thank you for the important way in which SonSet Solutions has been and continues to be part of this work.

Written by Jeff Benedict