Reaching More People and More Places

Preparing MB-1 for Shipment(May 21, 2015) The new MB-1 Multi-band SonSet® radios have headed out to partners and listeners! SonSet radios are solar-powered and fixed-tuned to partner’s stations. The previous FM models have made the spoken Good News of Jesus Christ available to unreached people in many countries. Tens of thousands of SonSet radios have been processed and placed throughout the globe since 2006. The MB-1 supports FM like its predecessor, and adds the shortwave and AM bands. Up to 9 fixed channels are now supported. A partner can fix-tune the MB-1 to FM, shortwave, AM, or any combination – enabling even more people in more places to hear the Good News.

Around the globe, God’s message of hope is broadcast by partners from local stations. Reach Beyond recently planted its 100th radio station in the Asia Pacific region. In addition to planting radio stations, they supply partners with SonSet radios, including stations in Thailand, Indonesia, and Nepal. Ty Stakes, executive director of the Asia Pacific Region says “What we are doing is helping partners deliver the truth that transforms communities by radio. The SonSet radio brings the signal to people that need it.”

SonSet Solutions is privileged to provide both broadcasting equipment and SonSet radios. As the number of stations in Asia Pacific grows, so does the need for SonSet radios. Partners use these radios to build listenership. Some are given to listeners who cannot afford a radio. Some are given to recipients who can use them in public places like markets and tea shops and army barracks. Much fruit can come from a single radio! Stakes notes “Our partners can use as many as we can supply by God’s grace and provision.”

Whether in Asia Pacific or Africa or elsewhere, the next generation MB-1 radios are poised to continue the work of the earlier generation FM radios. Areas may be remote or hostile. Electricity may be absent and the terrain tough. These rugged MB-1 radios can receive broadcasts of grace and truth that can soften hearts. More stories of new life and transformation by SonSet MB-1 listeners are waiting to unfold…

By Mark Braun