Reconciliation in the Midst of Civil War

When tribal divisions erupted into civil war in South Sudan, nearly a million South Sudanese from 41 tribes ran for their lives across the border into Northern Uganda. There they became refugees, many with little more than the clothes on their back. Fortunately, Uganda welcomed them in peace, creating camps for them to live in and attempting to meet their basic needs.

Radio Usalama FM was established in one of these camps. As the refugee numbers increased, the station increased its power and expanded its reach with the help of SonSet Solutions. With so little to call their own, refugees have been heard calling Radio Usalama FM “our station,” as its message of peace and reconciliation through the gospel is beginning to unite in Christ the many divergent people in the camps.

In June, a team from SonSet Solutions traveled to Radio Usalama FM to repair a radio transmission line, restoring a strong, reliable signal. They also met and interviewed refugees who have been impacted by the station. Escaping the war alone when she was separated from her parents, a young woman now takes care of three children who also lost their parents. Victims helping victims — such is life in the camps. In the midst of trauma and loss, Radio Usalama FM brings true comfort and hope to this blended family and so many others.

But its message of hope would be more widely felt if more of the refugees had radios.

Our SonSet® Radios: Delivering God’s Word initiative is raising money for the purchase and distribution of 10,000 SonSet radios for four partner ministries on three continents. Radio Usalama FM is one of them. You can play a vital role in this initiative. Please go to to find out how.

Written by Marla Bender