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Summer Interns 2016

Internships at SonSet Solutions are hands-on and practical. Our interns work alongside our staff on real-world projects that help our partners better share the gospel with their audiences

Spring Break 2016 Students

Spring Break has begun. This year, for three weeks, SonSet Solutions offered spring break trips. This is an opportunity for students to work alongside our staff on projects that will advance His Kingdom.
Equipment Power Protection

Radio Planting

Establishing and supporting Christian radio stations
Dish Installation in Papua New Guniea

SonSet Radios

The processing, shipping, and distribution SonSet® radios
Peruvian girl with radio

Clean Water

Clean water projects: water pumps, satellite water monitoring (developed by SonSet Solutions), clean water pipe installation
Installation of well monitor 1


Media development and training here in Elkhart, worldwide media training, and capturing footage worldwide
Training in the Media Center

Our Facility

A peek into what goes on here in Elkhart
Building - main entrance

Global Impact Celebration 2015

Over 500 guests were able to participate in our interactive open house which concluded with a ceremony to honor our rich roots in Clarence Moore.
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