Restored for a Purpose

A bus was traversing the streets of Port Moresby, taking passengers to their destinations just like it did every day in the bustling capital city of Papua New Guinea (PNG).  But on this day, someone jumped on the bus and shouted, “Wantok Radio Light is on the air!” And the whole bus cheered!

In 2002, SonSet Solutions provided radio equipment and technical support for the installation of Wantok Radio Light’s (WRL) first radio station. We helped again in 2005, when the installation of a shortwave station made nationwide Christian radio a reality. In the intervening years, we have assisted WRL with equipment for 31 FM repeater stations located throughout PNG, enabling the ministry to expand its reach and deepen its impact for Christ.

But three years ago, the shortwave station was ransacked and silenced by thieves. The FM stations covered the city centers, but there was no longer a voice that could reach the remote locations of PNG. A replacement shortwave station was on hold while the search went on for a more secure location.

Meanwhile, Dr. Poki, a WRL board member, came down with a serious infection that threatened to take his life. Believing that God still had work for him to do, Dr. Poki was confident God would heal him. Many prayed, and God spared his life. During a period of recuperation, he built a house on a sizable plot of land he owned.

Last year while listening to WRL’s sharathon, Dr. Poki was moved by the theme verse, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” God spoke to his heart about giving a parcel of his land for the shortwave broadcasting site. God had so obviously restored his life. Maybe this was one of the reasons why.

In October, one of our technicians traveled to PNG to help install the shortwave station at the new location. “I want to thank SonSet Solutions for the technical support,” Dr. Poki stated. “You have become a very important partner to the ministry of Wantok Radio Light.”

Written by Marla Bender