RV Parking Pads

The term “RV” or “Recreational Vehicle” often brings to mind vacations spent over miles of road. But with a new amenity at SonSet Solutions, the term “mobile home” (with an eye for ministry) might be more accurate.

We are grateful for the Lord’s provision through a generous local contractor, Bob Weaver of Anchor Construction, and some “in-house” contributors. An RV pad complete with electrical, water, and sewer lines, is now fully functional and able to accommodate trailers, campers, or motorhomes. This location is designed to provide those with a desire to use their God-given talents a place to literally “park and serve.”

SonSet Solutions’ President David Russell remarks, “Here in ‘the RV capital of the world,’ we are aware of the myriads of North Americans who, in their retirement years, travel about in RVs. Generous individuals have equipped us with parking and hookups for two RVs! Learn how you can serve as a working visitor at SonSet Solutions.”