Silent Voices Speak Again!

To an untrained eye, a radio transmitter is a maze of brightly colored wires mysteriously snaking their way to a hodgepodge of shiny silver components. But to our SonSet Solutions radio technician Alan Good, the transmitter is a highly organized and wonderfully effective evangelistic tool. When it’s working, millions can hear the gospel. When it is not, the voice goes silent.

Last November, twenty-two silent transmitters were waiting for Alan when he arrived at partner ministries in Thailand and Indonesia. Those transmitters had been used or were designated to be used for radio planting in the region.

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. Radio has proven to be an effective way to introduce the gospel and prepare hearts for the church planting teams that follow. Dozens of churches have been started as a result of the dual thrust of radio and church planting.

Thailand is predominately Buddhist, but a few Christians there work with our partner in the region to plant the seeds of the gospel through radio.

With so much at stake and with only two weeks in the region, Alan immediately set to work testing the inner workings of the transmitters and diagnosing the problems. Working closely with technicians on site, Alan gave them hands-on experience in troubleshooting and repair. “I think they now have a much better understanding of how to go through a circuit and analyze what is working and what is not,” Alan reports.

Together, they repaired 15 transmitters, making them available once more for gospel broadcasts. With the additional training, the on-site technicians are now better equipped to diagnose and repair problems themselves, greatly reducing the time a transmitter is silent.

By Marla Bender