Solutions for a Community in Benin

Solar Lamp Pole

In remote parts of the world where there is no electricity, activity stops when the sun sets. This is true for most of the country of Benin, West Africa. Most locals do not have access to the electrical grid or, if they do, they cannot afford it. Even the electricity that is available is not very reliable.

SonSet Solutions created a unit which can be a helpful resource for communities like these. The Solar Lamp Pole has a battery that is charged throughout the day and provides light after the sun goes down. The lamp provides security as well as light to areas such as the village well where people can now draw water after dark. Surprisingly, cell phones are readily available in remote parts of the world. The lamp pole is equipped with adapters which allow people to charge their cell phones. An additional Wi-Fi device allows Christian media such as the Jesus Film to be streamed or downloaded on smart mobile devices.

Our partner TWR (Trans World Radio) has a transmitter site located near a small town in Benin. They are very interested in what this unit can do for the people in this community and see the future potential for several more of these Solar Lamp Poles in the country. TWR will supply the solar panel and the battery. This solves a major shipping problem for us. We learned that Benin will not allow any lithium batteries to be imported and our lamp pole uses such a battery. We are making some modifications to allow them to use locally available lead acid batteries. Please pray that through this tool, TWR’s impact in this town will be strengthened by meeting these simple needs and through their care for the people and the messages transmitted, that hearts will be opened to the surpassing resources that God provides.