SonSet Radio Campaign Resources

SonSet® radios provide the opportunity to give the message of Jesus Christ to those who live in developing countries. Use the resources below to share with your church how God is working through the SonSet radio to deliver God’s Word.

SonSet Video


SonSet Radio Campaign 2018


Introducing SonSet Solutions


Partner Videos

Our mission partners are dedicated to The Great Commission and have a strong love for spreading the gospel. These videos show what some of our partners are doing and how God is using them as a light in remote places. You can show these videos during a morning service, at a missions dinner, or other special event to communicate the impact these ministries are having on the lives of people in remote places of the world!

RED Global Impact Story


Wantok Radio Light Global Impact Story


Radio Évangile Développement in Burkina Faso



Need a hand-out for church events? We’ll send you as many brochures as you wish free of charge! These brochures are a great way to inform the community about what God is doing through our radio ministry. This brochure includes some general information about SonSet radios, and we can also supply you with:

  • A Project Flyer

    The orange and blue project flyer is filled with information about our SonSet radio venture. This flyer has information about what a SonSet radio is and how they can be used to spread God’s word, as well as quotes from some of our ministry partners. It is folded in half and could be inserted inside a Sunday morning church bulletin or order of service.

    Download flyer.

  • A Campaign Description

    Our campaign description tells the stories of some of our ministry partners who will be receiving SonSet Radios. This is an informational sheet that will inform your church about our ministry partners and how God is using them to spread the gospel. Below our partner description will be ways you can be involved and how we can equip you with informational resources.

    Download campaign description.

A Pre-tuned SonSet Radio

Yes, we will even send you a pre-tuned SonSet radio. We can set the radio to a Christian radio station of your choice and send it to you for your church for use during your fundraising event. These radios are good for “Show and Tell” demonstrations to let your church get a taste of what our partners will be receiving.


Contact Us!

If you are interested in learning more about our SonSet Radios: Delivering God’s Word campaign, please write to or call (574) 970-4252 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern time.
For a technical description of the SonSet radio click here.