SonSet Radio Campaign Resources

We want to help you have a successful SonSet® radio fundraising campaign, so we have made available a number of resources that we think will help you.

Videos about SonSet Radios


SonSet Radio Campaign

This is a video specifically about our SonSet radios. This video will show you some of the ways that our radios are helping ministries expand their reach into isolated communities where electricity and other resources are scarce. (1:48)


DataPoint — Alfred

Alfred expresses his gratitude after receiving a SonSet radio from his local Christian radio station in Madagascar. (0:53)


SonSet Solutions Overview

This is an overview of the ministry of SonSet Solutions and is a great way to introduce your congregation to the ministry. You will learn about what drives us, what kinds of solutions we provide, and what lies ahead as we look into the future. (2:38)


Partner Videos


The ministries we work with are dedicated to the spread of the gospel. The technology that we create helps them accomplish this more effectively and efficiently. These videos highlight some of the ministries who use SonSet radios to further their ministry.

Radio Évangile Développement (RED)

RED Global Impact Story (1:40)

RED Partner Video (3:31)

Radio Évangile Développement has been using SonSet radios for many years. In 2018 we sent them 960 radios. This year we sent another 480 radios. In 2014, only 19% of the population of Burkina Faso had access to electricity making the solar-power design of the radios an important feature.


Radio Usalama FM

Radio Usalama FM is located inside one of the largest refugee camps in Africa and has the potential of reaching out to more than 815,000 refugees who have fled the civil war in South Sudan and now live in northern Uganda. Usalama FM received 3,500 radios in 2018. We hope to send another 3,600 in 2019. (3:08)


Global Impact Story — Andersen

Eddie Andersen shares about how their new Christian radio station is reaching into communities that are hard to get to on a regular basis. Earlier this year a church raised the funding to send 200 SonSet radios to him in Kenya, West Africa, so that he can distribute them to listeners in some of the remote villages that surround their community. (1:35)


We can also supply you with:


  • Brochures

    Need a handout for church events? We’ll send you as many brochures as you wish free of charge! They are a great way to inform others about what God is doing through our radio ministry and includes general information about SonSet radios.

  • A Campaign Description

    Our campaign description tells about some of the ministries who will be receiving SonSet radios and why the radios are needed. This is an informational sheet for those organizing the campaign but can also be used to spread the word about the need for SonSet radios around the world.

    Download campaign description.

  • A Pre-tuned SonSet Radio

    Yes, we will even send you a pre-tuned SonSet radio. We can set the frequency of the radio to a Christian radio station in your area. The radio is a great campaign aid as you demonstrate how it works and let people listen to it first-hand.

Contact Us!

If you are interested in learning more about our SonSet Radios: Delivering God’s Word campaign, please write to or call (574) 970-4252 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Time.
For a technical description of the SonSet radio click here.