SonSet® Radio Work Teams

Last year, SonSet Solutions put out a call to area churches and volunteers for help preparing forty-eight hundred radios to be sent to partners in Peru and Uganda. The response from God’s people was amazing. Eleven work teams made up of over 125 volunteers came to our facility over a five-week period before the close of 2019. Their partnership ensured that lost individuals in these distant parts of our planet would have an opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Twelve hundred radios will be distributed in Peru where the Quechua Indians will be able to tune in to the broadcasts of Radio Logos. Thirty-six hundred will be distributed among the refugees in northern Uganda where they will be able to hear a message of hope on Usalama FM.

Volunteers were blessed by this opportunity to be God’s hands and feet. A few volunteers wrote to express the impact that this opportunity had. “It was a blessing to help test and package the radios, knowing that God was going to use them to deliver his message of salvation to the people in Uganda.” Another volunteer wrote, “…the fellowship was sweet and there was a real sense of ministry that filled the afternoon. May God use these radios for his glory!”