SonSet Radios Bring the Son

SonSet Radio Nepal(June 29, 2015) God gives a personal invitation to those who are spiritually thirsty. In Isaiah 55: he says, “Give ear and come to me; listen, that you may live.” For many people throughout the world today, listening may be the only way that they will hear the good news that God loves them and sent His Son to die in their place. UNESCO estimates that 781 million adults and 126 million youth are illiterate. They may not have the ability to read God’s word, but through local Christian and community radio stations, many can have the opportunity to listen to the gospel message so that they may live!

SonSet Solutions continues to provide partners who minister to both illiterate and literate people groups with broadcast equipment, such as transmitters, antennas, and fixed-tuned solar-powered receivers like the new MB-1 SonSet® radios. Listeners in their local communities have the opportunity to hear the good news in their own language. One such partner whom we assisted is located in a very remote region of Indonesia. A missionary who just returned from visiting them sent us the following firsthand account of how God is at work there.SonSet Radio Nepal

I was extremely encouraged by what I observed during this time. [The] radio station plays a much bigger role in the lives of the people than I ever imagined. I constantly heard positive comments. Letters continue to pour into the station. Listeners send in text messages, dozens each day, which are read on the air. While we were there, a group of people twice walked two hours one way to sing and speak live on the air. I personally heard of three individuals who attribute their decision to surrender their lives to Christ to listening to radio. …I wish you could see what is happening there. Almost daily someone asked me for one of the SonSet radios. I told them that more were on their way.

During the first quarter of 2015, 4,000 MB-1 SonSet radios were shipped to partners located in the Asia Pacific region. This included 960 radios shipped to Mongolia, 800 to Thailand, 1,840 to Indonesia, and 400 to Nepal. The radios sent to Nepal will be distributed in communities devastated by the recent earthquakes, where several partner radio stations have been broadcasting a message of hope and God’s love to the Nepalese people.

By Kevin Mayer