SonSetLink™ for Afridev Pumps

In February 2020, a team of engineers from SonSet Solution’s Community Development Department started working on a new version of our SonSetLink, (a satellite-based clean water monitoring system) at the request of a partner ministry in Malawi.

SonSet Solutions is excited to partner with this ministry because they faithfully preach the gospel at each and every maintenance visit to their numerous wells across the country. They also partner with local churches in Malawi to further spread the gospel to people that come to the wells to get clean water.

In spite of the perceived difficulties of designing a new product in the midst of the current worldwide lockdown, four prototype units were completed, shipped and then installed on existing “Afridev” model well pumps in Malawi at the end of April and early May. One SonSet Solutions engineer said the design work was actually easier in many ways because there were less interruptions! The design team is now taking data from those prototypes to build a production model for this and other partner ministries that use Afridev pumps.

Praise God for taking a difficult situation and instead using it for His glory!