SonSetLink™ Notifications

Water pump management in remote areas is like trying to ensure the safety of your children from a distant park bench while they are playing on a busy playground. How can you keep track of them or know if they are hungry, upset or even injured?

In 2014, SonSet Solutions created SonSetLink™, a remote monitoring system that allows our ministry partners to check on vital pump information such as water flow, pump usage, and the monitor’s battery life in distant areas of the world.

Summer intern Wesley McDouall is adding new features to the system’s website. These modifications will allow our accompanying ministries to view the health of all their pumps at once. The system has 20 different notifications that inform these mission organizations of the status of any given pump. Wesley has added a selection option to the notifications so that ministries can choose which alerts they would like to receive according to their individual needs.

As we provide a means for ensuring a community’s water supply, God is opening doors for previously unreached people to know Him. SonSet Solutions wants to provide as much assistance and convenience to our partners as possible so that communities have reliable water and close connections to the gospel.