SonSetLink™ Test Station

The demand for water monitoring devices has prompted SonSet Solutions to design SonSetLink™ water monitors specifically for the India Mark II water pumps, the most common hand pump in the developing world. Many of these water pumps are located in war-torn areas, creating potentially hazardous conditions for our partners who maintain them. The water monitors allow our partners to know when repairs are needed, and as a result, help our partners keep the water flowing. When we take care of the water pumps, we take care of the community. As we provide a means for ensuring a community’s water supply, God is opening doors for the gospel.

Our summer interns, Dane Hoselton and Seth Williams, are working on a test station for the new generation of SonSetLink devices. With nothing but a list of requirements given to them by their supervisor, they combined their engineering skills to design and create a prototype of the testing station. After the prototype is checked and approved, the interns will create a fixture that will be able to measure the functionality of 20 water monitors at once. As soon as the monitors pass this final inspection, they’ll be ready for ministry, or as Hoselton says, “We’re the last line of defense before they ship out the door.”

SonSet Solutions is expecting these test stations to increase the rate of manufacturing for water monitors that will be distributed all over the world.