Spring Break 2017 Impact

Have you ever tried to use two dimensions to determine distances in three? This was one of the challenges facing four of 23 college students who came to SonSet Solutions for their spring break last month. The Equipment Power Protection (EPP) device was created by SonSet Solutions to record erratic power fluctuations and protect equipment from these anomalies that occur in many parts of the world. Previously drawn in two dimensions, the students created a three-dimensional model of an assembled EPP to analyze the spacing of components. This helped the team discover problem areas and implement design changes. The improved unit is now better equipped to handle a variety of dangerous power fluctuations.

“Our program introduces college students to opportunities to use their growing skill set and gifting in ministry,” explains Scott McConnell our College Liaison and organizer of our spring break programs. Seven of the spring break students applied for summer internships. Their lives have been impacted by the spring break experience… and so have ours.